Success Stories
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Basanti Naik

Binika, Sonepur, Odisha.

Basanti Naik, age 38, resides in Mohada Village of Sonepur district, Block Binika, Odisha. She is a member of Bajarangabali SHG that consists of 14 members. Mohada village where Basanti Naik resides is one of the most backward villages of the area. Like many families of the area, Basanti did not had a toilet at her home and hence she and her family members were forced to go out in open for defecation. She was aware of the health problems associated with poor water and sanitation facility and hence when she came to know that People’s Forum was providing support for toilet construction under SWASTH project, she approached the office for loan. It is now more than 2 years of her taking the loan. She has already repaid the entire amount and feels proud of the fact that she has a toilet in the vicinity of her house. She feels relief of the fact that her family members do not have to go out in open for defecation especially during rainy days or when they are unwell. She is now motivating other women of the area to construct toilet in their house as the same helps to address many of the health and security issues.

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Jharana Mangaraj

Nuahata, Khorda, Odisha.

Jharana Mangaraj resides at Nuahata village of Khorda block, district Khorda. There are 6 members in her house including 2 school going children. Her husband is a daily labour and his monthly income is Rs 6000. When People’s Forum started working on creating awareness on the issues of water and sanitation in the area, Jhrana strongly felt that even though they had limited resources but spending on toilet construction in her house is a worthwhile investment as this would help to cut on the expenditure of the family on health issues, which especially rises during the rainy days. She had a thorough discussion at her family level and was ultimately able to convince them to go for taking loan to construct a toilet in their house. Now they have a toilet in their houses with water connection. She is very happy with the development and is now motivating other members of her SHGs to go in for toilet construction.


Ramgarh, Jharkhand.

Chandni, 34 year old widow lives in a small village of Ramgarh of Jharkhand state. She used to stitch clothes for her livelihood. When she came to know about the initiative of People’s Forum who were providing KIVA loan for marginalized communities she approached them for support. She took a loan of 20,000 and from the amount she bought a full automatic sewing machine. She has since then not looked back. Her income has almost doubled and she is now able to meet the requirements of her children very comfortably. Few years back she was striving hard to even support them with two square meals a day. The loan has changed her life and she is thankful to the Organisation for their timely support and flexible approach to provide support to the marginalized families. Chandni has the aptitude for perfection and learn new things. She keeps on updating herself with new stitching patterns and styles and this is the reason her clientele base is ever expanding. People appreciate her dedication and timely approach and are happy with her work. Chandni is now well established in her locality due to her good quality work. S he is now making plans to further expand her business and employ more marginalized women who are in need for support. She feels that if she can live a life of dignity with her hard work then even other people definitely can do it.

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Ranjan Kumar

Khorda, odisha.

Ranjan Kumar, 35 year old man with disability hailed for a small village of Khorda district. He is married and has 2 children. Ranjan is engaged in weaving industry for last 15 years and is working hard to earn his living. He is a sincere and committed man and has never let his physical disability come in his way of success. He is the sole bread earner of his family. He works hard to provide them a better and comfortable life. Ranjan has good reputation in his area owing to his good quality work. He took a loan of Rs 40000 from KIVA loan provided by People’s Forum and purchased a weaving machine so that he could speed up his work and and improve on the quality of clothes produced. Today he is well known in his area for the good work done by him. People come to buy his clothes and appreciate his work and dedication. Ranjan has proved that with commitment and hardwork one can fulfill the dream to live a life with dignity and honor irrespective of physical problems. He is a role model for many people who have some form of physical disability and lose their morale and treat themselves with inferiority.

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Nilamani Dash

Rajpur, Bhadrak, odisha.

Nilamani Dash, aged 54 living in the village Rajpur of Bhadrak district had been managing his family through pulling of cycle ricksaw, which was rented. Thus in spite of day hard work he was able to earn very meagerly and hence was struggling to meet even the basic necessities of this family. One day he approached the office of People’s Forum that had launched an initiative to support poor and vulnerable families with rickshaw/ trolley loan. He had come to know about the initiative from one of his acquaintances, who has also availed the loan. The case of Nilamani was investigated and he was provided loan. This was a turning point in Nilamani’s life. He was now full of vigor and energy and his income gradually started increasing. The fact that the ricksaw was under insurance coverage for a period of 1 year also helped him. He repaid the loan within the set period and now he is the proud owner of the ricksaw. His income has increased and now he is able to fulfill the needs of the family and are living a life of dignity.

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Smita Singh

Cuttack, odisha.

Smita Singh was admitted in SCB Medical College Hospital, Cuttack. She was brought to the hospital by her brother on 13th March 2016. She was admitted in the psychiatric ward with complaints of sleep disturbances, appetite issues etc. Though her problem was hereditary but the symptoms intensified after marriage. She had a son. Her husband left her in her parent’s house. After proper treatment she was discharged from hospital but her family refused to take her back. She was the sent to Mission Ashra.On reaching Mission Ashra she was interacted to know about her well being and mental status. She was found to be stable and was excited to share her life incidences. Rapport was built with her and she was convinced that she would be able to return to her normal life if she takes good care of herself and follow the regime suggested by visiting doctor and counselors. Smita had been cooperative and is getting her treatment done as per the prescription of SCB medical college doctors. She is also taking active interest in other work of the centre. Attempt is being made to contact her family members especially her husband to convince him to take her back.

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Mousumi Ghosh

Bhubaneswar, odisha.

Mousumi Ghosh, 43 year old lady was rescued by Nayapalli Police station from Hotel Presidency on 16 March 2016 and handed over to Mission ASHRA as she was not found to be mentally ill. When she reached the campus of Mission Ashra, she was uncooperative, angry and was using slang language and was violent in her approach. With much persuasion she finally started accepting the people in the campus. Visiting doctor examined her and prescribed medicine. She was also given counseling on regular interval by the Counselors of the Organisation. In the initial two sessions she was not very cooperative and was not ready to speak to the Counselors, but by 3rd session she was comparatively comfortable and started talking about herself and life incidences. She shared that she belongs to a family of high stature. Her husband is a businessman and even she is highly qualified. She shared that her family life was good but after the birth of her daughter she started developing mental issues, she was given medicine and her husband was taking her care. Meanwhile she again became pregnant and had a son. Her life was going on smoothly. But then her mental problem intensified and her husband who was now busy in his business was unable to give her time or take personal care of her. One day unknowingly, due to her mental state of mind she left her home and started wandering on the road. She reached hotel Presidency and took dinner over there, but when asked for payment she reacted violently. She started scolding staff and tried to break furniture. Immediately police was contacted and the police then handed her to Mission Ashra officials. After spending around 3 months in the centre, her family members got her clue and came looking for her. Her mental state was now stable and she was very happy to see them. She was reunited with her family members and now Mousumi is with her family. Counselors in Mission ASHRA regularly contact her to know about her well being.

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Tanu Chandra

Badagochhara, Sundargarh, odisha.

18th July, morning, the staffs of Mission Ashra rescued a mentally ill destitute from Bhubaneswar railway station and named her Tanu. Her condition was indescribable, less bother of cloths and unconscious. By getting proper treatment, counseling and care at Mission ASHRA, Tanu improved day by day. She became conscious of her living, learned Oriya and started to recollect her past. She flash back her past, said ““I am Chandra from the village called Badagochhara in Sundargarh district of Orissa having two small children at home.” The MA team members tried to contact her home but no reply did letter correspondence. One team member visited her family and the family members were astonished to hear that Chandra is alive. Her son said, “ All were taking my mother dead but I knew she will return one day. I have the handkerchief given by her and I felt her sweet smell from it” and came to take her mother back. What a delighted moment was that for Tanu, her son and the team members, really a heart touching. A grand farewell as “A Ray of Hope” for Tanu was organized by people’s Forum. Many eminent personalities from the state were present over there to bless Tanu for her new life. There are many Tanu who have already reunited with their family by the effort of Mission Ashra.

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